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Creating new opportunities for video ad campaigns through innovative outstream solution

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Outstream Video Advertising Marketplace

Advanced outstream video ads solution driven by innovation

Outstream Creative

Take advantage of highly-viewable outstream ad formats within any context

Outstream Video Solution
for Publishers

Monetize editorial content outside the conventional video stream using AdPlayer.Pro ad Solution

Outstream Video Marketplace
for Advertisers

Access new sources of premium inventory from our trusted demand partners and increase audience reach across all screens

Why you should work with AdPlayer.Pro

New Video Inventory

Get the most of outstream video formats, non-reliant on pre-existing video content, acting both as an incremental ad revenue source for editorial-content publishers, and a performance driver for brands’ ad campaigns in premium media context.

Cross-Screen Fulfillment

Maximize audience reach of your video ad campaigns across all devices using our responsive HTML5 video player.

Non-intrusive User Experience

Respect your audience and improve their advertising experience by opting for non-intrusive, user-initiated ad formats.

Easy Video Ads Integration

Integrate outstream video ads into your website using AdPlayer.Pro HTML5 ad player tags quickly and easily to maximize monetization opportunities for your editorial content.

High Ad Effectiveness

Increase ad viewability, achieve higher KPIs and greater versatility using simple, visually appealing outstream video ad formats.

AdPlayer.Pro HTML5 Video Player

Lightweight, easy to implement video ad player. Supports VAST/VPAID and Google IMA ad frameworks.

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